Starting October 4, 2015, and running through November 15, First Lutheran will begin a weekly “Introduction to Christianity” course on Sunday nights.

There are four groups of people in, with, and around the Church to which a class such as this is directed.

First, there are those people who are new to the Church and have little or no experience with the Church and her teachings. There are also those who feel they are ignorant about the teachings of the Church and are curious to know more. It may be that their impressions are limited to contact as a child, or only an occasional visit, if even that.

Secondly, there are those who have “big” questions. They may come from an initial hostile position, or feel that Christianity is nothing more than a collection of doctrines which they know that they cannot believe, and want to know if there is anything in the faith that they can believe.

Third, there are those who have come to a point in their lives where they feel the need of deepening their understanding of Christianity. Life involves growth and they may discover that their understanding of the faith has not grown but has petrified back at a much earlier age. New insights and perspectives are needed to express the meaning of Christian faith in a way that is adequate for where their life is today.

Fourth, are those who are part of the Church and would like to review, renew, and revive their faith and understanding. This group would also include those who are new to Lutheranism.

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