August Pastor’s Pen—One Small Step, One Giant Leap

 August 8, 2017
Posted by Admin

I was 12 years old when Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong made their historic flight and moon landing. I still remember sitting in front of the television with my family watching this event. I remember a proud nation watched as Armstrong jumped from the lunar landing module on to the moon’s surface uttering the words, “That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.”

For more than two and a half years now, First Lutheran has made small but steady steps to be more involved with our Wright Park community, steps to be more welcoming, and steps to be more intentional in sharing the Gospel. Small steps are good.

Have there been giant leaps? I suppose so. First Lutheran started a new worship service on Saturday evening in the Fall of 2015.

In March of that year we continued the work begun by Jim Ofelt with HOMEstart. We began to be more involved with ministries in our north end neighborhood through REACH ministries, and we revived the tradition of gathering food on First Sundays, now First Weekend, for FISH Food Bank and to replenish our own Emergency Food Closet. However, as my ministry with you will soon turn three years old, where else can we, the ministers of First Lutheran Church, reach out to our community with the Gospel?

I firmly believe that congregations are at the center of God’s plan and purpose. And that purpose is to bear witness through the Spirit to the reconciling power of God through Jesus Christ. Simply, God wants to bless the world through little, old First Lutheran Church. How does God want us to do this?

I want you to share with me your thoughts and prayers on what is God’s purpose for our ministry together. What is God calling us to do? Why do we exist? With God’s Spirit, God’s Word, as a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path…how can we be more effective in God’s mission to bless the world? You can respond via text, Facebook, or email…but I want to hear from you!

Neil Armstrong was the Keynote Speaker at the inauguration of the Discovery Channel telescope. In his introduction, the master of ceremonies asked audience members to raise their hands if they remembered where they were at the time Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Every hand went up and to the delight of the audience; Mr. Armstrong also raised his hand.

I invite you to be present in worship and be part of this faith community as we, only by God’s grace, continue to make small steps, sometimes giant leaps, in service to a generous God who watches, guides, and sheds light on our every step.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Steve